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lilvi0r's Journal

24 October
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I have an honours degree in Molecular Biology, and am currently working for a large multinational corporation in their Research & Development department.
I spend all my free time watching TV DVD boxsets, then writing slash fanfiction about the characters.
At my age I'm probably too old to be a proper emo-kid, but my look is still kind of grunge/emo-boi.
I am very open to 'friending', provided people can manage to not take offense from some of my more extreme views and interests.

Slash Meme:
Current Fandoms: SGA, Top Gear (RPS), Politics (RPS), QI (RPS), The Mentalist, CSI:NY, Hawaii Five-0
Current Pairings: McKay/Dex, Jeremy/James/Richard, Cameron/Clegg, Stephen/Alan, Jane/Rigsby, Don/Adam, Steve/Danno
Fave Genres: Angst, Hurt/Comfort
Other Fandoms: NCIS, Torchwood, Bones, Blakes 7, White Collar, Hardware, Black Books, Hot Fuzz, Sherlock, X-Men, HP, LoTR, Toy Story, Tin Man, Doctor Who

30 seconds to mars, a-team, a-team slash, adam/danny, adam/flack, adam/mac, all time low, angel, ant/dec, archer, archer slash, artemis fowl, avenged sevenfold, avon/vila, black books, blakes 7, blakes 7 slash, bones, bones slash, booth/sweets, boris/evan, buffy, bullet for my valentine, bush/blair, cain/glitch, cameron/clegg, casey/chuck, cherub series, chuck, chuck/casey, cider, clameron, coffee, corpse bride, csi, csi slash, csi:ny, csi:ny slash, danny/adam, dinozzo/mcgee, dogma, drawn together, emo, f2m, face/murdock, fanfiction, firefly, flack/adam, fred claus, funeral for a friend, garth ennis, ghostfacers, gile/xander, glee, glitch/cain, hank/remy, hardware, hardware slash, harry potter, hodges/nick, hollyoaks, hollyoaks slash, hot fuzz, hot fuzz slash, jack spicer, jack/clay, james may, jay and silent bob, jeffrey deaver, jeremy clarkson, jurassic park, kids in glass houses, kurt/puck, lab rat abuse, lab rats, lab tech abuse, lab techs, limp bizkit, linkin park, logan/remy, lotr, mac/adam, martin freeman, mayfair superking smooth, mcgee/dinozzo, mcnozzo, mcr, mcshep, mocha, motion city soundtrack, muppet christmas carol, muppet treasure island, ncis, ncis slash, nick frost, nick/hodges, nightmare before christmas, numb3rs, peter serafinowicz, political slash, psychoville, puck/kurt, qi, qi slash, remy/hank, remy/logan, richard hammond, rodney/ronon, ronon/rodney, shassie, sherlock, sherlock slash, sherlock/john, simon pegg, slash, sleeping, sleepy hollow, spaced, spike/xander, stephen fry/alan davies, stephen king, stoked, strongbow, supernatural, sweeny todd, sweets/booth, the boys, the boys slash, the mentalist, the offspring, the wire, tim/tony, tony/tim, top gear, top gear slash, total drama island, transgender, transman, vic/bob, vila/avon, warehouse 13, watching tv, white collar, wilt, x-men, xander/giles, xander/spike, xandir/captain hero, xiaolin showdown, youmeatsix