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Reasons that I am lucky to be me
1. I am very intelligent. - I might have absolutely zero common sense, and have eaten 'rare' chicken, but I have an extraodinary capacity for learning. I'm always bragging about my degree which was the most fantastic learning experience of my life. I guess I was lucky that I was brought up in a decade when the TV wasn't a legitimate substitute for a book, and as a result of reading a lot I learnt a lot and my vocabulary is rather more substantial that that of many of the younger folk I meet these days.
2. My parents never tried to brainwash me. - My mother believes in god, but never taught me her beliefs as fact. My father doesn't appear to believe in anything (if he does, he certainly keeps it to himself). As a result of this unbringing I have been able to make up my own mind about certain ifestyle choices and right & wrong, without having to justify my personal morals with a dusty old book.
3. I am attractive. - And modest! But seriously, I have never felt ugly, and I know that this makes me extremely lucky. I read every day about people hating the way they look, and I feel so awful for them. A lot of the time they are people that I do find attractive. I know looks aren't everything, in fact they're probably the third thing I look at in a potential mate, and not even a factor in a potential aquaintance.
4. I am relatively affluent/employed. - I'm not rich, but I am comfortable. I read all the time about people having to save up for things, worrying about being able to pay the bills, and I am relieved that that's not me.
5. I am confident. - This could well be the result of a combination of 1 & 3, but my life would be so much different if I wasn't as confident as I am. I can dress extravagantly, speak in public to a large crowd, converse with strangers. I won't take shit from anyone, I always stand up for myself (well, provided it's worth it, I mean, I'm not going to attempt to convert religious types who disapprove of my lifestyle).
6. I am physically healthy. - I pay enough for my vitamin supplements so I should bloody well hope I am physically healthy! I work out a lot, so I'm fit. I eat pretty well, drink plenty of water, and look after myself.

I spend so much of my time on the internet complaining about all the things that are wrong with me, I thought it would make a nice change to post about all the things that aren't wrong with me. I hope it doesn't come across as bragging, sometimes I think that everyone is bragging when they compete for 'who has the most issues'. This is just an acknowledgement for me to look back on when I'm feeling shitty again.
I think everyone should make a post like this. Only when they're feeling good, obviously.


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