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emu, emo
Still waiting to hear if I've got the job; the interview went pretty well and I should be told some time this week.
In an effort to avoid being horribly crushed if it doesn't go my way, I've already convinced myself that I haven't got it. That way when I find out for sure it'll just be confirmation. Unfortunately all I've managed to do is make myself miserable and now everything is miserable and the only thing I can imagine pulling me out of this spiral of self-pity and melancholy is an e-mail saying I HAVE got the job. Now I find myself REALLY scared about what'll happen if I get the rejection e-mail. I think I'll continue to go downhill. I have nothing positive going on in my life right now to hold on to.
I'm too old to be an emo. I can't just dye my hair black, listen to MCR and cut myself.
What do I do instead? I'm too tired to keep doing this.
When do I get my 'happily ever after'?


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