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Washed the car today. Epic job. I mean seriously, it was filthy, took hours. And now all the little scratches and chips in the paint and dents and rust patches show up nice and clear. I'm gutted; that baby was pristine when I bought it (a little under a year ago), and now it just looks abused. I was most annoyed by the chips in the doors, quite obviously caused by bastards opening their doors into mine. Especially seeing as how I'm always really careful not to do that to other people's cars. All the rest of the damage is probably my fault 'cause I drive like a drunk seventeen year-old on the run from the police with £100k of cocaine in the trunk. Aggressive and impatient are not personality traits best associated with a good driver. My favourite things to yell at people driving too slowly include: "It's a bike, not a fucking TANK, drive around it!" "It's a speed-bump not a fucking land-mine, move!" "Your suspension is far less important than my need for a drink" and the most relevant of all "Just because you're driving a wanker-mobile (prius) doesn't mean you have to drive like a wanker!"

I think this could be my strongest argument to avoid going on T - if I'm this aggressive NOW, what would I be like with more testosterone? When I was a child, under the care of multiple child-psychologists, my parents were told I had abnormally high levels of testosterone for a pre-pubescent, whether or not that was for a 'girl', I don't know. Nothing was done about it, they were too busy treating the various mental illnesses I was diagnosed with.

Oh well, hitting the gym tomorrow, then going to watch the football, might even treat myself to a nice cold pint in a beer garden sometime in the afternoon.

OMG, just seen the trailer for the new series of Doctor Who! Exclamation mark!


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